What Journey?

My first post “The Power of Words”  had been sitting (the only post) on my main website for some time under “Blog”… a long time. I sensed it appropriate as a Blog mainly is comprised of words. Will this Blog be helpful, inspiring, informative and encouraging?

I thought about naming it Jaw-jacking Journey or Journey Jaw-jacking. Often that is all words amount to; meaningless drivel that is meant more for the author that is truly amazed at hearing their own voice. Many blogs have meaningful entry’s and may aid those drawn in curiosity, yet require action on the part of the reader to benefit. I like deep thinking, digging into the material and learning… I also enjoy being amused – be it good entertainment!

If “The Journey” offers little more than simple amusement, that would indeed be of more value than drivel or listening to local, national or world news… often bad news. I hope the words that follow on “The Journey” will hold a power that offers help, even in some small way to those traveling with me…

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